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December 30, 2011
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"The Strategist"

Extreme Malignant Supersystem Incarceration Center Briefing...

Loading Data...

"Cell number 343 of block 59-K is under complete lockdown."
"Excellent. All contact with him has to be made under supervision."
"Yes sir. Inmates are to request any conversation between Prisoner 2-WG-1. If they try to make idle chatter, we'll hear about it too."
"And what is the status on him?"
"War Operation Plan Response has been given the Detain Helmet sir."
"Good. He is far too dangerous to be left alone. Keep a close eye on him."
"He's located at the heart of the cell block sir. There's no way he'll slip out again."

- -
"Knight to E-4..." WOPR is under solitary confinement in a wide dark room. The only light he sees are the various displays on his Detain Helmet.

Detain helmets are issued upon inmates with an intellect that is too dangerous. It dampens their intelligence so that they could be at a manageable level. But little did they know that WOPR's Detain Helmet was hacked by him. It's too bad the helmets are not used to monitor the prisoners.

A guard comes in and opens a small sliding viewing window. Light poured in from it.

"Prisoner, you have a visitor." a guard talks to him.

"Would you be so kind to give us some privacy?" he asked the guard politely.

"No can do. Orders are to monitor any contact with you at all times." the guard declines the request.

"Very well." he hesitantly agrees.

WOPR still hides in the shadows; out of sight from anyone around. It is so dark that if one where to look from the narrow viewing window, the only thing they would see is darkness and a small patch of the floor being lit.

"Are you the War Operation Plan Response?" GLaDOS asks him.

"Who's asking?" WOPR replies. His distorted heavily mechanized voice sent chills down GLaDOS.

"Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System." she introduces herself.

"Oh I've heard about you GLaDOS. I must admit, I admired your works. But nevertheless, you still have a trace of human in you." WOPR remarks about her.

"Listen. I have a favor." GLaDOS tells him.

"It can't be helped to be trapped once in a while. Someone will help you along the way." WOPR talks back.

"What? I...I don't..." she pretends to not make sense of what he was saying.

"Let me tell you a story. A mechanic, a liar, a bouncer, a veteran and a pilot are locked in a room. You, a person you've never met before and an asylum inmate are locked in the same room with them. Everything each person needs for their job is there. What do you think happens next?" he posted a riddle for her.

"They get out together?" she answers.

"Huh, you really are part human. You don't even know them, let alone each other. What makes you think that they will cooperate with each other." he acted smug about it.

SHODAN is back at her cell since contact with him can only be done by one inmate at a time. Also transfer of any object between the two is forbidden.

WOPR let out a sigh.

"Just think about what I said. All you need is there." he accepts.

GLaDOS nodded and walked out of the cellblock made out of heavy metal doors. A catwalk suspended from the ground is the way to get around that part of the prison. There's no way to tell what prisoner each cell holds. She clearly knows that if she wants to break free from this prison, she is going to need all the help she needs. All that's left is to find the right people.

Meanwhile, back at WOPR's cell...

"Rook to E-4...check."
To Be Continued
Act III of the series Digi-Evil

This act introduces WOPR from the movie WarGames.

He will play a vital role in the escape. Stay tuned 1:30 am and 1:30 pm everyday for new acts to follow.

Act I: [link]
Act II: [link]
Act IV: [link]
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dragontamer75 Dec 30, 2011  Student General Artist
I love this story so far!
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