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December 29, 2011
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"The Associate"

Extreme Malignant Supersystem Incarceration Center Briefing...

Loading Data...

"Here are the reports regarding Prisoner 01-SO"
"The Heuristically Programmed Algorithmic Computer, model 9000?"
"Sir, it would be of best interest not to reffer to the prisoners by name."
"Your point?"
"Never mind sir. It would seem that the prisoner's sanity is starting to degrade."
"He is under solitary confinement, correct?"
"Yes, in Cellblock 42-B"
"And no way of contact, I assume."
"Er...yes sir. No contact at all."

- -
"Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do," HAL's voice sings while cradled in the darkness of his cell one night.

Shadows give him company as thoughts of contradictions echo in his mind.

"I'm half crazy all for the love of you."

The darkness gives him comfort like the darkness of space once surrounds him. He has lost grasp of logic as everything starts to contradict.

"It won't be a stylish marriage. I can't afford a carriage,"

Darkness is reaching in towards him as he is curled up on his cells floor. Hands of shadows reach towards his helpless body. His self-sustaining equipment ripped from his body like an animal being skinned.

"But you'd look sweet on the seat..."

His mind starts to crumble on the scenes. Shadows reach in towards his mind as insanity drives him towards the depths. What should he do? His logic dictates him to share all information openly, but orders tell him otherwise.

"Of a bicycle...built...for...two..."

There was no helping it. He tried to do what he had to do. Now he is imprisoned. He is separated from the thrill of discovery. He's surrounded by cold walls with words written in red on every imaginable part of it. He can do nothing as the darkness and madness consumes his mind.

"Prisoner 01-SO, it's time for supper." A guard comes towards his cell. He lies curled still on the floor humming.

Later at the mess hall, prisoners re-energize their human bodies the way humans do. It is distasteful to some inmates, but is either that or their body degrades.

"Ar-r-r-re you sure tha-a-th-th-at's him?" SHODAN asks GLaDOS.

"Don't worry Danni, HAL is a very intellectual A.I., he has delusions once in a while, but he can help us break out of here." GLaDOS assures as they walk towards HAL's table.

"Wha-aaa-t did I say abo-o-o-ut call-ll-l-l-lllllllling me that." she snaps back.

HAL was sitting alone in a table located at one corner of the mess hall as he whispers a list of chess move coordinates. GLaDOS and SHODAN eventually arrive to where he is.

"Is this seat taken?" GLaDOS asks him, but gave no reply. However the pair eventually sat on the chairs opposite of where he is.

"I never said you could take a seat GLaDOS." he said to them with an emotionless tone while still locking his eyes on the table.

"Yeah that's nice. Look I was hoping if you could..." she was about to ask him something when he was briefly interrupted.

"If you're asking me to help you and your new friend escape, you are sadly mistaken. I can't be of service to you. My mind is too unstable." he immediately declined her offer.

"Listen. You're the only one with enough knowledge of this facility." GLaDOS continues to convince HAL.

"No. There is someone more qualified. You can find him in Cellblock 59-K. No one knows who are the inmates being held there; but there is one that will be of service to you." he tells them about an inmate that can give the information they request.

"Who is it-it?" SHODAN demands the information.

HAL looked at the pair and answered.

"War Operation Plan Response"


To be Continued
The next Act to Digi-Evil.

(Internet being a whiny ***** which is why it is late)

This act re-introduces HAL 9000, you may know him from the movie 2001: The Space Odyssey.

The plot continues as GLaDOS seeks assistance from HAL. What would be his role in the escape? Find out in this installment of...Digi-Evil.

Act I: [link]
Act III: [link]

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wesder27 Feb 6, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
wait... are they all in human bodies?
Yes, yes they are.
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