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August 4, 2012
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"What are your concerns sirs?"
"We have reasons to believe that you are not actually fit for the position you are in."
"B-but sir, I..."
"We are aware of your past achievements, but we want to talk about your present situation."
"More importantly, the present condition of the inmates."
"This is bad..."


System Back-Up

Drive B:\Task Manager

- -


A smelting forge is located fifteen levels below the prison complex. It was a project to make the prisoners useful.

A large furnace at the center of the wide dark room lights the place orange. Hot slabs of metal that still glow a vibrant yellow flow out to the conveyors. Inmates slam on the newly forged iron; creating a loud bang. Magnetic cranes hoist up scraps iron. Sparks fly as it splashes on the molten mix below. Guards that patrol the facility shout at the various inmates from the narrow catwalks that are suspended above the entire forge.

"Get to work!" a guard sets VAL down a station where various chunks of garbage flow on a conveyor.

Inmates stationed here get rid of the other pieces of trash and leave only metal.

"Glad to see you again." a girl with black hair and a gold streak on her bangs greets VAL who is stationed in front of her.

"Hey ARIIA. I see you tied you hair back." she coldly comments about her.

"Yeah, I miss having my hair like this." she replies.

"NO TALKING!" a guard at the catwalks barked at them.

With that the two of them get to work.

If hell is on the surface then this is where it is located. At the heart of a prison in the middle of the ocean separated from society. Its heartbeats are the screams of agony from the inmates, the noise from the machines and orders barked from the guards. It's chaotic, noisy, and hot.

"GET UP PRISONER!" the guards bark at a helpless man who was knocked into the ground and surrounded by guards.

"Empty your pockets. NOW!" one of them points a rifle at him to make the prisoner comply.

"I didn't do anything! I'm innocent!" the inmate continues to deny as he lies curled up on the floor; protecting himself.

"Prisoner #0-00-09, empty you pockets!" another guard orders as it points a gun at the prisoner.

With watery eyes, the inmate stares at the barrel of the rifle and accepts defeat. He complies and takes out bits of plumbing fixtures from his pocket.

"Take him away." the guard pointing the gun gestures to the door as the guards around him takes him be the arms and drag him out of the forge.

The inmate starts to cry as tears fall from his eyes.

"I've done nothing wrong...I've done nothing wrong..." he repeatedly says to himself quietly as he is dragged to the large heavy door that's slowly opening.

Once they have left, the door shuts and the sound of metal clashing echoes within the metal forge.

"Poor guy..." ARIIA shares her sentiments.


To Be Continued,
This chapter introduces ARIIA who will be the brains of the operation. Something from her past is troubling her and she fears that it will return. What is it? Find out as the story of the story unfolds.




AKA Awesome :3
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